Friday, January 01, 2010

Widening scope for more posts

It wasn't so easy to motivate myself to post regularly. My initial idea was to stay closely within the field of renal physiology and try to post meaningful posts. Most days this demanded more brain power than I had to spare. I'm going to branch out, and post some more personal stuff, i.e. stuff that interests me and doesn't strain my mental capacity as much.

Photography will be a new staple. I have started a one-picture-per-day project for 2010. If it works out I will have something to post regularly, which will be a positive development even if the pictures aren't all that.

Madicken, my boxer, sleeping after a long new years eve's night. Picture 1/365.

After the boxer picture, you may have guessed that there will be some dog posts. Like everyone else I know you will just have to live with them. I like dogs. I also play judo when I have time. I don't know how much material that will provide, but some film clips off of youtube should be doable. Then, I'm a sucker for food and drink so I might throw in some cooking, some wines and some restaurants. Finally, being a bit of a nerd, there might be some general nerdery, books, films, computers. I don't know.

What ever I come up with, I will try to keep the main focus on the science. Last year ended a bit on a down, science wise. Two rejected manuscripts, but once they are reworked and resubmitted maybe I can find some motivation to talk science again. Hopefully my new exciting projects will start providing some interesting things to talk about.

Oh, it seems that I will get to try my hand in the clinic this spring so there might be some deep and interesting observations (or some serious whining) on the impossibility of combining scientific work with being on call.

It's a brave new year that still has lots of time to get worse (or better, but I don't want to set the expectations too high).

Happy New Year,

Michael Hultström

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