Saturday, January 09, 2010

Beef with some stuff, some sauce and pasta

Here's the much awaited (by all of my about zero readers) nephrophysiologist cooking column.

Rochefort stuffed roast beef on a bed of oyster mushroom, celleriac and turnip, with a hot balsamic vinegar sauce and spaghetti.

The vegetables were fried in butter with a drop of black truffle oil. Then the beef was fried in butter, peppered and salted, and allowed to rest for a minute before it was stuffed with all the Rochefort I had available, and some other similar cheese that was found in the refrigerator.

The vegetalbles and the beef were put in a dish and covered with foil and cooked for an hour and a half at just above a hundred degrees centigrade. The last 15 minutes the temperature was turend up and the foil removed to get some proper heat into the outerpart of the beef.

Spaghetti was boiled in salted water.

For the sauce, the bottom of a small pot was covered with sugar, which was melted. As the sugar started turning brown balsamic vinegar was poured in. Nothing too fancy, just your ordinary bulk balsamic vinegar. To this was added some hot chili and ground white pepper, veal stock, and quite a bit of cream. It was then allowed to boil for a while, and some more butter was added before serving. Don't boil it too long, it'll turn into caramel.

The butt-ends weren't fit for human consumption and were given to the dog. It was served with a cheap Danish beer while watching The Hunt for Red October.


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