Saturday, January 23, 2010

Computer down, computer gone.

Shite, the computer to the powerlab went straight to hell during an experiment on Thursday. I thought I saved the day when I ran and got my main laptop. It's got the software and all, but windows update has replaced the drivers with something it likes better. So, while it can start up Chart, and read files, and do analysis, it can't communicate with the powerlab. All in all a really bad day.

So now I'm at home and have just made some nice photos to show you, and the computer is still in the lab. All I have here is my little netbook, and it doesn't have Lightroom. Sorry about that.

There are some other nice blogs that actually have content today, or recently anyway.

There's Isis with Your graduate school application as seen by Dr. Buttercup.

Then we have Ethan at Starts with a bang who is showing a hilarious t-shirt reading:
"Sorry, you have reached an imaginary number. If you require a real number, please turn your phone by ninety degrees and try again."

Finally we have PhDamned (aren't we all) who is overcommitted, which makes me happy, because it means I am not all alone in that predicament.

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