Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Being in science is kind of like being a little boy. You and some of your pals get together and decide that you are just the best thing to happen to girlkind since the colour pink.

Specifically, to that impossibly cute girl with freckles and a ponytail. After fretting nervously, like little boys, for a very long time (anything from 10 to 20 seconds), you send forward one of your number to the coven of small girls in pink. While you stand there puffing your chests out and smiling broadly, you see the ears of the poor envoy turning red. Then you hear the sound of laughter like little bells in the wind, and the girls skip away to do what ever it is little girls in pink do.

The red eared envoy returns to explain that they (the girls in pink) liked the idea, and they agreed that, for being little boys, we weren't the worst they had ever seen. For all that, they still thought we were too much like little boys for them. They want real men, like Patrick Swayze, who can sing and dance and play hockey.

So, there you were, having thought that reading comic books, and building monsters out of lego was the way to go. What to do: Do you start to play hockey and learn how to sing? Or, do you just go looking for another girl, someone who likes comics and appreciates lego the way lego is supposed to be appreciated?

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