Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday mix

Madicken going for the ball.

In Sweden it's very much a tradition that you're only allowed candy on Saturdays. There's a (or several probably) special bag of assorted sweets called Saturday mix. In honour of this staple of my childhood I'm going to post all sorts of shit here today.

Friday provided some really exciting new science. I was writing my abstract for ESH 2010 (to which you should go, deadline on Jan. 15th). When my pathologist (who I keep in a box) sent me a message on facebook and said that she had a surprise for me. Just then the abstract went from being a good abstract to being an exciting abstract. If you come to Oslo, I'll tell you (or show you on the poster).

My desk at home as it looks when I am analysing data and writing abstracts all at once. It always looks like that but that just an ugly truth.

Then I had a really good chat with a post-doc from a lab where I would like to work. With some encouragement I sent an e-mail off, and lo and behold, got a swift and guardedly postitive answer from the PI.

So, today I'm in a good mood and fixed the first batch of pictures. They're not as good as I would like them, and I already missed two days, but they do make the blog prettier. I'm all for pretty blogs.

Madicken welcoming my fiancee back home.

Have a nice week end, don't eat too much candy, and remember to register for ESH2010.


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