Saturday, January 30, 2010

Balls, great huge balls

Dogs are, or boxers, or at least our boxer is obsessed with balls. As everyone knows bigger balls are better. It was a challenge to photograph her big Boomer ball because she just wouldn't leave it alone for more than ten seconds. So here she is with her 10 inch Boomer ball.

And here is the rest of her collection. A month-old red Kong ball, and its predecessor the year old red Kong ball. The pink 4 1/2 inch Boomer ball, and two no-name balls that lasted less than a week each. They're still usable from a boxer's perspective though.

I can only suggest getting a boomer ball for your ball obsessed boxer, she plays herself into a stupor in 15 minutes and it is dirt cheap. Plus they guarantee the balls for one year unless you have a tiger. For throwing outside and playing with indoors (yes I know they shouldn't play indoors, but she's so cute) the Kong rubber ball is better.

I know there is rather a thin cover of science on the blog at the moment. I hope to make up for that soon. I just have to think of something.

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