Thursday, April 26, 2012


It is always interesting to see what people find interesting. I use that provides a free tracking service for blogs with up to 1000 hits/month or something like that. In addition, google also keeps track of everyone ever visiting, but you have to pay to get at the good data. Going through my visitor logs for the last couple of months. There are some clear winners.

Using the OS X clipboard in R

Fillet of horse sous vide

Are to two most read. Then there are some that people arrive at after having used conspicuous google-searches.

Balls, great huge balls

But, rather gratifyingly, my very first post still receives some traffic. I guess there just isn't that much information on the Prevalence of hypertension in Norway to get.

When looking at visitors there are some regulars. You know who your are. Thanks for the traffic, it is good for my ego. Then there are some avid readers, what about reading 20 pages in a row as a visitor out of Aberdeen did the other day (no kidney research group there as far as I know, fmc corporation, I thought it was an ISP, but it seems to be a deep-sea oil-related business). Not the first time either. The only other hits like that are centered around one family member or other. I just hope I haven't developed a stalker.

Anyway, I suppose I should write more about practical problems in statistical programming, cooking strange meats, and eh… let's just say balls.

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