Thursday, April 05, 2012

Opera, Baroque, and Vampire Weekend

I was never very fond of pop (not you Pop, pop the music). The lyrics always got in the way of the music, I thought (and often the music was not to my taste). Then Spotify happened. I promptly fleshed out my collection with new and exciting interpretations of Bach, Monteverdi, Telemann and Lully. It was glorious. Since it was free, I listened to some pop that my friends suggested. Most left little impression, but someone suggested Lily Allen, with the country classic: "Not Fair," and the equally brilliant: "Knock em out."

Let's just say that lyrics suddenly appeared in their proper focus. And then, someone else suggested Vampire Weekend. Their music can only be described as reminiscent of a British boy-band that went to the Caribbean, got high, and tried to remember public-school. Calling their music psychedelic will only put my life in bleak perspective for you, so I won't. Just listen to their piece: "Mansard roof", or "Oxford-comma."

Anyway, for as long as I had Spotify I did listen to some pop, and quite enjoyed it. Then I decided I didn't listen enough to warrant premium, and I can't abide adverts. In short, I stopped listening to stuff I didn't own. That was probably two years ago, or something.

So, -why this post? you ask.

Well, I should be producing a table and figure, basically statistics with bling, and I'm not highly motivated. The day before yesterday was a big funding dead-line in Sweden. Needless to say I worked the A&E two weeks straight before that, and had to do all the final writing in my spare time, that is, at night. Instead of preparing these data I have to do for some conference or other, I have spent the last hour, or so, listening to clever genre-twisting pop-music. Before I get back to my procrastinating ways, I'll leave you with a bit of modern music, a fugue on Telemann composed by Max Reger and played by Igor Levit.

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