Sunday, April 15, 2012

Conference-season 2012

For conference-season this year I have two major meetings planned. I have done my share of extra time in the A&E during Easter to be able to go without using up my vacation. First, I am bringing two students to Experimental Biology in San Diego. Then, I am going to London for the 22nd annual meeting of the European Society of Hypertension where I have to present my data myself.

This year both societies are providing iPhone apps with the program: EB2012 and iESH2012. The Experimental Biology is actually available for Android as well. The EB-App works brilliantly, while the ESH-App shows nothing what so ever at the moment. The screen-captures in the app-store looks promising, so I understand it as if the App will be some kind of live-update thingy. That does not really help me now when I try to plan ahead.

Using the brilliant round-trip planner I even managed to book a round-trip flight so that I do not have to go back to Sweden in-between or something equally stupid.

Having spent all my time in the A&E and helping put together the posters for EB, I am hopelessly behind in constructing my own poster. If I had had a talk it would have been much simpler. Then I could have kept preparing and changing it until the last minute, or at least the day before. Now I have to have time to print it before-hand.

So, maybe I should not sit here blogging. I will, however, try to report something from the meetings once I am there.

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