Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EB2012 - summary

The best chili and chocolate icecream I have tasted this side of the atlantic. Can't remember the name of the restaurant, but it was a hippish, italianish place on 5th avenue.

So, today is the second last day at Experimental Biology. It may be that I am a little late for the sessions this Tuesday morning. Yesterday was the renal-section dinner. I wouldn't call the party wild, but we managed to cram in a bit of warm-up, some post-dinner beer, and then we hit the margaritas. This being San Diego, the margaritas do not deny themselves. So, here I am blogging behind drawn curtains instead of attending the morning-sessions.

The conference has been quite a success even though I didn't present anything myself. Two of my students had posters. Posters that were gratifyingly well-attended. I established one new collaboration, and got invited to two labs to present our data. It is a special year for the American Physiological Society, 125 years since the establishment. Session-wise the meeting was excellent, although the renal- and the water and electrolyte-sections overlapped as always. I mean, who could be expected to choose between such interesting topics as "Angiotensin II and sympathetic nerve activity," "Novel signaling pathways in renal pathophysiology," and "Regulation of water and electrolyte-balance in diabetic nephropathy." It is impossible, and that is before even considering the programs of the other sections of the APS, or the other five societies that organise their own programs.

The exhibitions were, as they always are, full of wolves with bar-code scanners. I will probably be getting mail from them for years to come, but this year it might have been worth it. When I was looking at surgical instruments, as I am wont to do, I was looking at a double vascular clamp (a kind of holder for appoximating two vessels that you want to connect). These are generally quite expensive. This time, however, it turns out they had stopped producing the one I was looking at, and that I could have it for a smile and a song (almost).

Miniature vascular double-clamp with adjustable distance. Street value: $500, Today's price: $30. The two additional clamps was a bonus.

Now the cleaning lady wants to do my room. I shall valiantly go out into the sunshine and try to appear unfazed as the bright California sun sears my sensitive eyes, and the loud American noises pounds my fragile head. I might go for some more of that delicious chili and chocolat icecream.

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