Sunday, January 04, 2015

Fujifilm X100T first impressions

My Fujifilm X100T arrived on January 2nd so I have had all of two days to try it out. A while back I wrote a list of what I would like to see in the X100S replacement that was anticipated for Foto Kina. There were nine items on the list and most have been fulfilled, or at least significantly improved with X100T.
1. The burst mode does not lock the camera so it is possible to take another burst almost directly. 
2. There is a setting for release priority, and it is separate for continuous and single shot focus so that you can have one for each. 
3. There is no tab on the focus wheel, nor is there always-on manual focus. However, the manual focus is excellent with split-screen, peaking, and 100%-preview modes. 
4, 6, 7, & 8. While there are no dedicated switches, there is a drive-mode button for selecting single, continuous, bracketing, or film mode, and there are seven programmable buttons that I have programmed to cover my needs. 
5. There is no dedicated ISO dial. Although, I have high hopes for a firmware update that lets you use the exposure-compensation dial for ISO. It should be easy, really
9. While there is no touch screen, the buttons are much better with a dedicated back button to get out of menus.
As you see, it still does not have a manual ISO dial, but otherwise I am happy. It is a massive improvement above the X100, which, given how much I liked the X100, is no idle praise. The film simulation is particularly useful when working in black and white, I have the camera set that way and have Adobe Lightroom set up to import as low-contrast black and white. It works excellently. High ISO is excellent up to 6400. I haven't had use for higher ISO seeing as I am only in Sweden in January, and not in a mine. Macro shooting also works well, at f2 the actual focus seems to lie slightly in front of the apparent focus using peaking manual focus, and autofocus is not the most accurate. Honestly, f2, autofocus, and macro are three things that don't generally go together. So, I can't really fault the camera for that.

Here are some examples from the first days of shooting. As you see it works right out of the box for boxer snaps.

With a little bit of thought it can take quite nice portraits.

And night-time shooting at ISO 6400 is no problem and gives very presentable result.

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