Saturday, October 27, 2012

Polar Obsession

Photobook review time! I just bought a new photobook: Edward Weston, Life Work offered as a special deal on The Online Photographer. It is the most expensive book I ever bought. No sorry, it is the most expensive non-work-related book I ever bought. Anyway, two days after the offer started the book sold out, now there are only some Special Edition books left.

However, I don't have the book as such yet, so this time it is Polar Obsession by Paul Nicklen. It is published by the National Geographic, and is absolutely stunning. Good format, slightly squat and not too large for having in one's knee. It is however to large for hand-holding. The binding and the paper quality are excellent and the reproductions are really nice.
There are a huge number of these amazing photographs accompanied by fascinating little stories. Like one about a female leopard seal that tried to feed him penguins. But don't read it here, listen to him tell the story himself:
This is really one of my best photobooks, and it wasn't even that expensive.

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