Sunday, October 09, 2011

Injury and productivity

When you cannot move you have to do something else with your time. Like work (or watch a never-ending cavalcade of youtube-clips). While I don't think it is something that holds true over the longer term, I have certainly gotten some old projects finished rather faster than I otherwise would have.

But then my physiotherapist got her claws into me, and was all like "stop being such a sap and get out and use the bloody leg". In addition, I got this pretty blue and grey orthosis that gives some much needed side stability. So now I work as much as ever. The only difference now is that I walk more slowly, peddle my bicycle in a strange one-legged way, and at the end of the day I am slightly more tired than when I had two fully functioning legs. Today I got enough movement back to use the leg for a full revolution on the bicycle.

I ask you, if it sounds like a luxury problem, looks like a luxury problem, and smells like a luxury problem. Should I still be whining?

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