Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hell week

Knee in compression directly after the accident. If the foot looks bloodless it is because it is.
That is the end of my try to stay breast-to-breast with the elite. My leg got caught under my partner at randori and injured the medial collateral ligament on the left knee. Afterwards I have realised that what actually happened was a double whammy. First I blocked a throw by going down on the knee and landing quite hard. I didn't think too much about that, but it was the exact same spot that buckled just a minute later.

Now I'm looking at six to eight weeks of rehab. The first week wasn't that bad, at first. Then the blood in the joint osmotically attracted so much fluid that it had to be emptied. Being uncomfortable around needles, that was a bit of a downer. I pulled 35ml of blood and fluid out of the knee and then it didn't hurt as much.

Once that was done, I had a freeze-dried yoghurt-covered strawberry and bit off a tooth. Lengthwise. I got to my dentist, who obligingly pulled out a syringe and anesthetized my hard palate, compared to which puncturing the knee joint is nothing. Then ,she found two more holes and went on to put a needle in my lingual nerve and above the front teeth on the other side. The horror of the story is that i have to go back. Both to the knee-doctor and the dentist.

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