Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The center of the civilised world

That would be London. I am actually back in Uppsala now, but it was the center of the civilised world until Sunday. On the way home from the 22nd ESH meeting at ExCel I stopped at Paddington Station and went for a walk and some grub. Just as street or two away I found Micky's Fish & Chips, which I couldn't resist. To my great delight the fish was excellent, and the chips were chips. All told they just delayed my departure by fifteen minutes. I should have stayed longer, central London is much nicer than Heathrow Airport.
The ESH meeting was not bad either. I met many new friends and kicked off even more collaborations than at EB. I really must say that these meetings just keep getting better as I attend more of them (and have worked longer in the field). ESH suffers a bit from being too many clinicians. Some of the best work was relegated to posters in favour of rather bland clinical trials. That is not all bad, because then you really have time to discuss the data with the authors, and invite them out for a pint, which is actually the most important part of scientific meetings anyway.

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