Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I did include judo as something that the Nephrophysiologist blog would be about, but there hasn't been much about that. Actually, there hasn't been any judo here at all. It has been hard to find something sufficiently interesting to write about, something where I also feel I have enough to say that someone might find interesting.

So, what has changed? you might ask. My answer would be that my sights have been raised for me. As I moved home to Uppsala and changed labs and hospitals, I also changed clubs. From a small club with recent recruiting difficulties and therefore a clientele of slightly older, non-competetive judoka, to a large, competitive club with some recent successes. Anyway, while it is a lot of fun working out with the youngsters, they are in better shape than I am. It would be more fun if that wasn't the case.

To remedy the situation (so that I'm not that embarrassingly winded older guy) I started doing some supplemental training. At first I had the basic philosophy that anything is better than nothing (which is true). However, being a physiologist it's hard not to have a quick look at what the science says. The judo posts will try to handle the science of judo performance from a practical perspective as I play catch-up with elite judoka more than ten years younger than me.

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