Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Experimental Biology - world changing seminar

Sometimes you just find the right seminar, the best seminar of the conference. The real renal section sessions haven't started yet and I am already sure that I have found it:

"Interactions between myosin light chain kinase and phosphatase in arteriolar myogenit tone"

With the world changing talks: "Pressure-induced activation of Rho kinase via sphingosine kinase" by S-S. Bolz from the University of Toronto, and "Gq-coupled receptors as mechanosensors in myogenic vasoconstriction" by M. Gollasch from Carité in Berlin.

In addition M.P. Walsh from the University of Calgary presented the very interesting talk: "MYPT1 phosphorylation in myogenically active arterioles."

I haven't really had time to digest all of this, or understand what it means to my research, but it is very clear that it is of major importance.

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