Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nephrophysiologist, but why?

This was meant to be the first post, but it was much harder to come up with an honest "artist's statement", as Chemiotics calls it, than I thought.

Can there really be an interest for a blog about renal physiology? Any really interesting stuff will be published anyway, and if it is blogged, that may count as prior publication. What is left is to discuss ideas in general terms, published work, methods, and the practice of physiology. However, I believe some interesting discussions may be had in these areas. There are many insights that aren't appropriate for full publication that may be aired in a blog much in the way these kind of things are aired and discussed at conferences and meetings.

My hope is to keep the discussion going between the all to far apart meetings in Real Life(tm). There are some science bloggers out there in not too far away fields. I hope to tie up with these early adopters of this brave new world 2.0, there are many things that different fields of science have in common. Maybe I can even induce a couple of new ones to join in.

So, please, write a comment, start a blog and let's have a discussion.


Michael Hultström

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